A Premium Quality, Shear stable, Multigrade crankcase oil which provides outstanding performance in all Passenger cars and light travel high performance four-cycle gasoline engines. SIGMA-7 is a blend of refined Solvent-Treated paraffinic base oils, and carefully chosen special chemical additives imparting detergent, dispersing, anti-oxidant, anti rust, anti-wear and antifoaming properties.


Meet API service classification SJ and CF. Meets the more severe European and Japanese car manufacturer’s requirements.


  • Reduce maintenance costs by controlling deposit build-up in the engine and turbo charger.
  • Maintains Power & economy by protecting the valve Train from premature wear.
  • Maximizes engine life by resisting the formation of sludge under bot low and high temperature conditions.
  • Ensure low oil consumption and eliminates seasonal oil CHANGES.
  • Maximizes Catalytic Converter life.
  • Good resistance to foaming.


Recommended for all four cycle turbo charged, supercharged or naturally aspirated, gasoline and diesel engines, passenger cars and commercial vehicles operating in all types of service including those equipped with exhaust catalytic converter and particularly those for which the engine manufacturer recommends oils meeting API SJ/CF SG/CD SG/CC SG, or CCMC G4. Turbo charged and other high performance gasoline engines operating under the most severe conditions. Provides superior protection for engine where oil of lower performance level, such as API SF, SE are specified.


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