About Us

UCI is one of the pioneers in the lubricating oil industry of Pakistan. The company was established in 1969 by Syed Wajih Hasan Karim. Since its inception the company has been providing quality lubricants and additives to the Automotive, Industrial and the Government sectors of Pakistan. UCI Oil Blending Plant is located at Landhi Industrial Zone, Karachi with a single shift production capacity of 18000 metric tons per annum, or approximately 1800 metric tons per month on a single shift basis. . UCI went into collaboration with Saudi Arabian Oil Company in 1994 and successfully ended tenure of 10 years.

UCI objective is to manufacture and sell low cost, high quality industrial and automotive lubricants all types of automobiles and for the industrial sector of the country to provide greater efficiency, so that the customers can easily afford to buy them at prices lower than that of multinational companies.We ASSURE smooth and prompt delivery of our products to all over Pakistan. We are proud to be contributing positively to the economic growth of Pakistan, and we are confident we shall continue to add value to our service. To ensure this is achieved, we shall continue to partner with our customers by meeting their requirements in terms of product quality and services. We shall continue improvement in ensuring that our blending activity is clean and harmless to the environment.